Facebook Connect – QuestionPro Surveys

Marching along with our cloud connector strategy, today we integrated QuestionPro with Facebook Connect.

What is Facebook Connect?
Facebook Connect is a platform (developed by Facebook) to allow external sites like blogs, forums etc. to use Facebook’s strong userbase for authentication. What is means is that, if you have a Facebook account, you can simply use that account (email/password) to login to other sites.

How does that help with Surveys?
If you are running a survey directed at your Facebook users, you can enable Facebook Connect on your survey for authentication. This will give you a couple of quick hits:

  1. You know that all users who are taking the survey are legitimate Facebook users
  2. You’ll be able to detect duplicate responses from the same FB user easily

Whats Next?
This is our first step in integrating social networks into surveys and data collection. Our roadmap includes the following:

  1. Allow facebook users to invite other FB users (friends) to take the survey – Viral Expansion Loop.
  2. Put a story on the user’s Newsfeed that they took the survey — allows others to know about the survey.
  3. Allow results to be shared/selectively with your social cloud.

We’ll be rolling out these features as add-ons to the Facebook Connector for QuestionPro.

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