Food, Shopping Or Family For Holidays?

The time of the year we have all have been waiting for is finally here. When the weather gets cold outside, when the house starts smelling like fresh baked goodies, when the head is buzzing from holiday songs and all you want to do is rush home to get cosy and warm up with a cup of your favorite drink. But what do we care about most during this season? The food? Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner? Or is it all about the holiday shopping experience? Maybe it is about spending time with family and friends after all? We wanted to figure that out and did a survey. Here is what we got.

More than half of the survey respondents said that spending holidays with family and friends, catching up on the year and discussing future plans means a lot to them and that they consider it being the most important part of holiday rituals. Some indicated that they like to use the holidays to take time off and just travel to recuperate after intense time at work.

When it comes to holiday dinners – one-third of the people mainly look forward to sitting down at the heavy loaded tables and surprisingly more than 65% of respondents did not even plan to scale back the food consumption, despite society adapting the more healthy eating habits. With that being said, half of the respondents did say that their Thanksgiving dinners included more healthy  and vegetarian options this year, as well as low fat and organic foods. Eating healthy and being health-conscious has been a trend for a while and it seems to be changing what we eat during the holidays too.

Seems that people are starting to get tired of shopping. A majority of the people taking the survey said that they plan to shop less than last year. Fewer people want to be pushed around, stand in endless lines to snatch a good deal. Hence, the trend of Cyber Monday and shopping online during the holiday season is growing.

So, getting together with family and friends around the dinner table seems to be as important as always and if that doesn’t say “HOLIDAYS” I don’t know what else will :)

Happy Holidays!!!