Net Promoter Score or NPS is a great scale to measure how a business is performing. Signing up and using the product is just a mark on that scale. Renewing the license to continue using the product is another mark on the scale. When customers agree to recommend your product or service, only then you did achieve the NPS Gold bar. Nevertheless, no business wants to just sell products or services. Instead, every forward-moving business aims to provide extraordinary customer experience. But how to understand if your customers are actually satisfied? Using NPS tool is probably the best option.

Use NPS tool to go beyond numbers 

Is your organization interested to measure and monitor the overall customer experience? Are you interested in getting real-time customer engagement feedback? NPS survey is the best option – it holds a strong predictive value for the future. 

Companies having a higher NPS will flourish selling more products compared to the companies having a lower NPS. In addition to that, an organization with high NPS will enjoy 

  • 5 times more willingness from customers to buy from them again. 
  • 7times customers are more willing to forgive the company for their errors or mistakes. 
  • 9 times are more interested to buy your new products or services. 

4 must-have features in an NPS Tool 

Customer sentiment is never constant, it changes frequently in correlation with product evolution. This is the reason, every business needs to check the NPS routinely and regularly. If, you are missing the opportunities to gauge customer sentiments means missing opportunities to engage customers based on the changes in their sentiments. A regular NPS survey creates a positive feedback loop and for that, you need an NPS tool that is powerful and effective to run an NPS campaign.

Flexibility in survey campaigns 

An NPS tool has to be flexible. Make sure that the online NPS tool is flexible enough to conduct multiple and simultaneous campaigns where each campaign has a different agenda. The tool must have comprehensive notification management to get the best results out of the effective feedback loop. Judge the capability of the tool by understanding how the tool can be used to conduct parallel campaigns to convert detractors and passives into promoters. 

The flexibility of the NPS tool is also determined by the capability to optimize the survey URL and allowing respondents to take the survey in any language they like. A multilingual survey is definitely an added benefit to reach masses on a global scale. Additionally, the ability to customize the survey to meet brand guidelines and sending respondents to thank you page is another scale to measure the flexibility and effectiveness of the NPS tool. 

Seamless integration 

Select the NPS software that is meant to scale in its potential and to evolve together along with your companies growth. Integration with other CMS and third-party tools also plays an important role in enhancing the capability of the evolving platform. Make sure that the NPS software you select gives you a free hand to integrate with different third-party tools and existing CMS’s in your organization. 

Consider if the executive team is interested to receive the updates or notifications when a specific scenario is met, then integrating the NPS tool with internal communication software like Slack or Gmail makes it easily possible. Apart from that, allowing smooth integration with social media channels makes it easier for merchants to monitor customer happiness or customer satisfaction. Synchronizing NPS results with existing CRM’s like SalesForce or Marketo helps in updating and segregating new as well as old feedback data in real-time. 

Overall optimization 

The NPS tool allows sending regular feedback and NPS surveys through different communication channels. Prefer an NPS tool having an online/offline mobile app that allows you to create mobile-optimized surveys. An NPS tool must be versatile. By versatility means, you can utilize it to create brand awareness. It allows to follow up campaigns. Moreover, it can be used to share NPS results on social media. 

An NPS tool must offer the flexibility to create an effective NPS campaign by leveraging appropriate NPS questions. Additionally, ensure that these questions are optimized to run properly on handheld devices. Moreover, you need to test the NPS survey on all screens including tablets, iPad, mobile phones, laptops, and desktops. These days you even need the NPS campaigns to run seamlessly on the Kiosks. Therefore, check the feasibility of the tool if it runs well on kiosks or not. Make sure that the color scheme is appropriate and the text is readable even on the smallest screen. Make sure that the color scheme is appropriate and the text is readable even on the smallest screen. 

Real-time dashboard and analytics

The ability to interpret and analyze the received NPS data makes the NPS tool worth the investment. Every NPS tool is developed to calculate the number of passives, detractors, and promoters. However, selecting a tool that derives conclusions from the quantitative data or the open-ended questions is a sensible decision. 

Remember the actual NPS Survey data is easy enough to analyze. You don’t need flashy analytic tools, being numbers you can interpret them using a simple spreadsheet. Nevertheless, when the data is coming through different channels and through different campaigns the process to analyze all this data becomes tedious and prone to mistakes. The NPS tool makes it easier to interpret and analyze open-ended feedback. As most of the data acquired through feedback campaigns are in text format, a good text analysis feature integrated into the tool helps in translating the inputted human language into a readable format. 


NPS tool checks for customer satisfaction based on different aspects and different phases of the customer life cycle. Using a comprehensive NPS tool ensuring it has all the mentioned above is the first thing you need to do before investing any random free NPS tool available online. There are many good NPS tools in the market having all the features you need. However, it is up to you to utilize these tools to their fullest potential and according to your requirements. 

If you have any questions regarding the NPS tool or how it works you can contact us anytime, and we will be happy to help you.