#FridayFive – Stories from Around the Web 13

Well it’s Friday again and time for another #FridayFive! This is where we bring you 5 articles that are related to market research, marketing and small business. Please enjoy and have a great weekend!


What You Should Measure in Your Marketing—and Why (MarketingsProfs)

Measuring for the sake of tracking activity without clarity of the expected impact and value becomes a time-consuming, meaningless exercise. In this article, Laura Patterson covers the “why” of marketing measures.


To Compete With Giants, ‘Bring Your Small-Business Game’ (Entrepreneur)

When competing against giants in an industry, people have to be your secret weapon. Catherine Clifford of Entrepreneur presents a video interview with Boston Beer Company founder Jim Koch.


8 Customer Insights That Drive Growth (ResearchAccess)

Only 20% of marketers say they truly know their customer. Chris Holt goes over a list of customer characteristics that you should take into consideration for growth for your business.


How to Set Up a Crisis Management Plan for Your Company in 6 Easy Steps (SmallBizDaily)

Does your business have a crisis management plan in place? Dixie Somers, writing for SmallBiz goes over a list of tips that could help your business in case of an emergency.


For the Love of Disney: A Look into the Power of Loyalty (CMB)

Alyse Dunn writing for CMB examines the concept of loyalty by comparing her own to Disney and going into some details on some different kinds of customer loyalty.