#FridayFive: Stories from Around the Web 20

It’s Friday yet once again, and that must mean we’re ready for another #FridayFive! Here is where we present you with five relevant articles that relate to market research, small business and marketing. Have a fantastic weekend everyone!


Report: 45 Percent Made Retail Purchase After Seeing Mobile Ads (MarketingLand)

We’ve heard a lot about mobile in the past, but what are some specifics? Greg Sterling of Marketing Land details an audience insight report from mobile platform NinthDecimal.


3 Simple Social Media Strategies to See Real Results in 2014 (SmallBizDaily)

Best selling author Corey Perlman discusses 3 strategies for social media that will help you reach your goals online.


Build a Successful Business Team With These 5 Tips (SmallBizTrends)

Need to find quality talent to help build your business team? Here are 5 tips by veteran entrepreneur Melinda Emerson.


Who is Winning the Game of Devices? Mobile vs. Desktop (GreenBook)

Despite mobile being all the talk lately, what do the numbers actually say when faced head-to-head against desktops?  Lenny Murphy goes into detail about the devices.


The Frustration That Drives People to Become Entrepreneurs (FoxSmallBusiness)

For many people, it’s not a huge paycheck or awesome dreams that drive the entrepreneur spirit. Business News Daily contributor Chad Brooks lays out why frustration is often the case.