#FridayFive: Stories from Around the Web 22

Well it’s Friday again and time for another #FridayFive! Here we give you 5 articles that relate to small business, market research and marketing. Have a fantastic weekend everyone!


Top Strategies for Improving Your Company’s Web Presence (SmallBizDaily)

Are you having difficulties with presence on the web? Follow these top tips from marketing communications director Amanda Bayane!


Should Business Schools Localise Rather Than Globalise? (Forbes)

In light of our recent research project, Forbes contributor Matt Symonds discusses the topic on whether business schools should be taking steps to expanding globally or focusing locally.


A New Click Through Rate Study For Google Organic Results (MarketingLand)

Here is an interesting study on the click through rates for organic search results through Google. On average, 71.33% of searches resulted in a page one Google organic click.


The 4 Habits You Need to Be Successful (FoxSmallBusiness)

Matt Mayberry from Entrepreneur.com explains 4 distinct habits you will need to have if you plan to be successful at anything.


Advertising Turns to Tech to Engage Consumers (Mashable)

I’m sure most of us remember the movie Minority Report, especially the part where Tom Cruise is walking through a shopping mall set in the year 2054, and the invasive lack-of-privacy used in advertising. T.L. Stanley explains how advertisers today are using tech to help engage consumers.