Why Are We not Reaching our Full Human Potential?

Full Human Potential

What are the barriers that keep people from reaching anywhere near their real full human potential?

While it could be fear or laziness that keeps us from reaching the full human potential (talking about full potential at workplace this time), what about motivation? Where does it come from? It certainly plays a significant role. Motivation is a dynamic process in which, through the psychological, economic and legal methods and tools, individual and business objectives are being achieved. That can be achieved if you look after your employees.

Let’s also add competence and creativity of the workforce to this discussion, as the most important factors in the development of new ideas and factors for delivering everything that is expected of us. An employee’s ability to generate new ideas or products, using his brain potential, is evaluated as a product with the highest added value. So it is of significant importance that this potential is being maintained. 

The human potential is one of the most important internal resources and one of the key positions in the company’s expense and while business development and the development of strategic management elements result in an increase of expenditure –  they not always result in the fulfillment of the business owner’s expectations and the return of invested capital.

One of the most important causes of such discrepancies is that the necessary human resources management “tools” are being used wrongly or are not being used at all. When spending money and not receiving the desired effect, the owner returns to the so-called intuitive, improvised methods e.g. solving the problems, when they have already appeared, by common sense. No. Put the right methods in place in first and offer your employee a space to unlock their full human potential. They are not lazy, they just need more input and thought from you, right tools in place and more of that management love.

And yes, people’s needs are endless, but the return of investment will be guaranteed in every organization that has an environment that meets all (okay, the majority) of its employees needs in order to excel at what they do. QuestionPro Workforce guaranteed will help you on the way there.