Georgia Association of Educators Implements QuestionPro to Understand Issues Affecting Public Education

GAE-QuestionPro non-profit license

About Georgia Association of Educators (GAE):

Georgia Association of Educators is a public education advocacy organization that represents employees who work in public schools and promotes the cause of public education. GAE is an extremely harmonious organization that protects the interests of students, teachers, and the learning community.

Their motto states – “We exist to support, protect, and strengthen those who nurture Georgia’s children.”

Why did Georgia Association of Educators require a survey platform?

GAE collects data on issues affecting their members and public education. This data is then analyzed and used to promote their noble cause.

Mark Perez, the UniServ Director of Georgia Association of Educators shared with us that they were looking for a survey platform that could ease the process of collecting and analyzing quality data after sending out a survey and that’s how they came across our platform.

Data collection made easy!

What Mark appreciates the most is that everytime they launch a survey, quality data is packaged in useful formats to make report presentations easy. This data can be reported in tabular formats using Excel sheets along with options to filter the required data.

He acknowledged the fact that the reporting mechanism made his life simpler. Mark often downloads reports in Excel, CSV formats and in case he requires reports along with charts, he downloads them in Microsoft Word, Excel with charts, Powerpoint or Adobe formats. These options make report presentation quick and convenient for him.

When we asked Mark about what he’d like to share with other nonprofits, he said, “Use QuestionPro to engage your audience, obtain quality information and present it in the easy to use formats provided by them!”