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Have you heard? We’re running a contest to give away $500 towards using rewards in your next survey!

Using rewards in QuestionPro

Like everything else related to QuestionPro, we have done our best to make using rewards simple. Under Finish Options, you’ll find the rewards module. From there, you choose how you want to select who qualifies for the reward (random drawing, first N number of respondents, etc.), then set up the reward. You’ll automatically be billed for the amount you select for the reward. For a more detailed process, you can review our adding rewards help file.

Why use rewards in the first place?

Rewards can be…well…rewarding! This holds true for you and for the respondent. Here’s how you both win:

  • Using rewards has proven to decrease non-response. In other words, it can increase the number of responses gathered.
  • You’re rewarding respondents for sharing their opinions!

How should I use rewards best?

We ran a couple of our own surveys using rewards during the last year and found that we had a better response rate when we offered smaller rewards to more people as opposed to a larger reward for fewer people. Intuitively, this might make sense: when the odds seem to be more in your favor, you’re more likely to play! (Yes, we know we’re not following this with the current contest, but it didn’t seem quite right to just offer $10 in rewards for your next survey…)

Enter to win!

Think about it…$500 to use in rewards for your next survey. You could offer 250 people each a $5 VISA gift card! Enter to win today!