How Augmented Marketing is Re-Shaping Customer Behaviour

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As the consumers are accepting the new technology the concept of augmented reality (AR) has emerged as an interactive technology which is complementing the physical environment with virtual world. Augmented reality is the blending of virtual reality and real life, as developers can create images within applications that blend in with contents in the real world. With this users are able to interact with virtual contents in the real world.

The virtual reality creates immersible computer generated environments which replaces the real world. But Augmented Reality is more closer to the real world and it augments with graphics, sounds and smell to the natural world. Hence the consumers can experience the invisible world of marketing which is going to bridge the gap between real and virtual world.

Hence by the application of AR the marketers are creating new experiences for consumers. It is possible to blend both artificial intelligence and real world experiences. Thus consumers can opt for augmented virtual shopping experiences. New smart phone app will display the healthy products in colors and others in black and white irrespective of the packaging and the retail display. It also benefits the marketers to track the customers engagement with an advertisement and the sales.

Augmented reality technology can be used effectively in future with greater scope in the areas like, AR dressing rooms, makeup mirrors, Apparel color changing app, furniture visualizer, shoe sampler, global tour, etc. Augmented reality is playful, fun, exciting and   appealing to the modern customers and it can be effectively used for customer engagement.

Augmented Reality based Interactive Technology is used for seeing more with new app like Tango.

AR is going to change the customer experiences like when ever a customer is buying vegetables can check the other ingredients available or other vegetables available in the kitchen. And can check the brand purchased last time and compare before choosing the new brand. One can also find the nearby outlets with such apps which will understand the physical space and motion similar to people.

All these days we could able to trace people only with the name of the city they are located in but not exactly in which building and which room specifically. Hence while shopping a customer can check the things at home on a real time basis through the mobile and the customer can visualize the different options like what type of vegetable or fruits are required and even can check the quantity and quality of those available can be experienced virtually accessing the kitchen before buying.

Hence with Tango – enabled phone the consumer decision making process is going to be influenced by this trend. Even the consumer can feed the food to virtual dog and need not worry about cleaning it all after feeding it and get new shopping experience.

ARIT can also be used to navigate a mall or branded outlet which the consumer have never seen.

It is almost like teaching your phone to see more to help you shop better. Thus AR will help consumer to see virtual products in to real world and experience it in real world. Can help new customer to navigate the stores and new locations for the first time with clear directions along with the surroundings. Tango being an interactive app will enable consumer to experience the unexpected things which are yet to be explored. Tango unleashes a new way to explore the world. With a few sensors and some computer vision software, the phone gets even smarter, and can start to see the world the way any human being would do.

The change from data driven to insight driven marketing in future the action oriented value will be developed. Analytics application acts as a competitive advantage by creating new insights to create new value. As smell influences spending and stress enhances spending and  the appearance matters much during consumer purchasing process. Hence Predictive Analytics is used to convert data in to decision.

We can able to transform the customer experiences by converting data in to information and information to uncover insights later using those insights to create value based innovative outcomes. The insight driven decisions can be on a real time basis where the real time data is collected from customers to make real time decisions and act accordingly. Due to increase in the usage of social network the volume of data is exploding. Social media analytics is one of the real time research but the challenge is to synthesize real insights from noise.