How to best Measure and Analyse your “Office Vibe”

How to best measure and analyse your office vibe

Indian employers have it pretty easy compared to the rest of the industrialized World. A Dale Carnegie report found that 61% of Indian employees are willing to work extra hours without expecting any additional pay for these hours. This is of particular significance when you consider that 54% of Indian employees feel disengaged at work by HR and senior management.

What is highlighted by these two facts is that Indian employees do not mind working extra hours – a pain point often seen among other nations. Here, what matters to them is whether they are engaged by their employers. To achieve this, employers now need to get a real sense of how their employees feel at work, how motivated they are and if not, then why! In other words, they need to get a sense of their “office vibe”.

This is where QuestionPro’s Workforce – the employee engagement platform plays a precise role. Using Workforce Weekly Pulse, you can send out a single survey asking your employees how their week went or is going.


Once an employee clicks on one of the 3 options, a window pops open in their browser asking for a little bit of more details about what formed the highlights of their week.


Workforce automatically analyses the responses and give you an optimum view point of how employees are feeling at large. You can now dig deeper into individual or department-wise responses and identify if and what went wrong with some employees.

This creates an ideal environment to kick-start personal conversations with employees about their experience working in the organization. Infact, you will soon notice that a conversation that was triggered by a single survey, can lead to the unearthing of hidden issues faced by employees that may have otherwise never have been brought to your attention.

Workforce Weekly Pulse surveys not only enable you identify and measure your “office vibe” but also acts an ice-breaker to many more conversation that follow among employers and employees.