Insight Community Management Software: Why Should Companies Embrace This Technology?

Previously we spoke about Why Your Company Desperately Needs Customer Insight Software and how insight community management software can help companies by providing social support to customers that exceeds customer care services. We also have mentioned the importance of engagement and how to successfully build customer engagement as it will help to build trust, increase customer loyalty and brand advocacy.

We will be exploring the importance of collaboration and ideation for companies, and why companies should leverage insight community management software to strengthen their relationships with their customers while promoting innovation and continuous development.

Market WITH Your Customers… NOT to Your Customers

By creating an environment in which your customers feel engaged and comfortable to share their thoughts about your brand, and their experience, you receive valuable insights, straight from your most important font… your loyal customers. And as a result, instead of marketing TO your customers, you end up marketing WITH your customers, as they are now eager to talk about your brand to their own network.

 insight community management softwareAnd that is how your, effortless, brand awareness can gain momentum. Instead of guessing your customers preferences and expectations, or of trying out ineffective marketing campaigns, you connect with your loyal customers in relevant and meaningful ways, allowing for the to be willing, and eager, to talk about you. You now can not only use the valuable insights you got directly from your target customers, but they will become part of your marketing campaign as they communicate their experience with their followers, family, friends, and fans.

Also remember that happy customers are not only willing to talk about their positive experience, but they are also willing to pay premium prices for those products and services. Take for example Apple customers. We all know their products are premium market, and once in a while we hear someone complaining about the prices, but every year, everyone is eagerly waiting for their annual phone release, and some even stand in line outside of the stores.

Ideation Generates Ideation

insight community management software

One other great feature of insight community management software is that it provides a perfect environment for ideation. QuestionPro  insight community management software facilitates idea board crowdsourcing. In fact, this ideation process can be an organic result of highly engaged community members.  Here are 7 Easy Ways to Build a Hyper-Engaged Online Community.

As highly engaged, happy and loyal customers are willing to talk to their own network about their satisfaction with your brand, they are also motivated to be part of a community that is up to speed with current technologies and development. Furthermore, they are eager to be part of the development process, to give their own thoughts and ideas for current and future products or services. They do want to be part both of the creation process, and they will be happy to spend their time doing so.

insight community management softwareCustomers like to be part of innovation, of ideas generation, and they are willing, sometimes even offer, to donate their time and thoughts to brands that they are satisfied with.

An example of an ideas generation community is the ‘My Starbucks Idea’. With more than 150K users, the community gives their members constant updates on ideas that have been generated by their own community members, they keep track of those ideas, and reward the members for their participation. With a platform, such as QuestionPro Communities, you can create and manage such communities of loyal customers, followers and fans, connecting with them as allowing for them to connect between themselves, while receiving their feedback and maintaining constant development.

Insight Community Management Software

When planning marketing initiatives for your company, always remember that the foundation for brand awareness and product innovation lies on deeply understanding your customers. There are a few benefits related to creating an environment to which your customers feel comfortable and connected, to the point where they will be the ones generating the content for future development. As an end result, you will be providing products or service that have been tailored and developed through your own target audience’s lenses, resulting in once again satisfied customers, willing to recommend your brand.

Please, get it touch if you would like to learn more about insight community management software or how to create your own online insights community.