Investing in Employee Experience to drive up Customer Experience and Organizational Success


Customers depend on your organization, your organization depends on your employees. You don’t have to be an algebra expert to figure out the equation that if Customer Success = Organizational Delivery = Employee Success. And you cannot have a “successful” employee who is having a bad experience, which in turn will lead to a bad customer experience.

Not to be ignorant, employee success does depend on the employee’s talent to deliver. However, it is an organization’s job to make sure that you are creating an environment where individual employees can thrive by making the best use of their talents. Work environment can play an extra-ordinary role in either amplifying or diminishing an employee’s existing set of talents and their ability to deliver customer delight and success.

In other words, you need to invest in a good “employee experience” to ensure your employees in turn deliver a good customer experience.

Here are 3 things you can start doing today to ensure a great work culture that creates a great employee experience:

  1. Listening to your employees

Employee engagement is like a conversation and any good conversation begins with a good listener. In this case your organization must be the listener. Provide employees ample opportunities to convey their thoughts about their own work place and how it can be made better.

  1. Keep tabs on employee mood and morale

Listening is just the first step, understanding employee emotions, their mood and morale, how inspired they feel at work and how much can they relate to the leadership – they are all critical aspects of ensuring that your employee feels right at “home at work”.

  1. Action based on real Analysis

Yes, no work place is perfect, but small changes can often have a big impact. Much like customer experience, employee experience also depends upon your ability to listen and act on those suggestions to the best of your organization’s ability.

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