Lessons from Mr. Spock; growth hacking; big data; employee survey results; and Google happenings you should know. That’s this week’s #FridayFive!

This week, it’s another wide variety of articles for you as we cast our nets out into the blogosphere to find interesting and informative articles about marketing and market research. Learn from drug dealers about marketing; from Mr. Spock about how customers interact with loyalty programs; how to communicate employee survey results; what to do about big data; and what’s happening at Google that you should know about for your business.

That’s this week’s #FridayFive!

How to Communicate Employee Survey Results – Quirk’s Research Careers Blog

Read about 5 do’s and don’t’s for communicating the results of your latest employee survey with your employees.

Your Half-Human, Half-Vulcan Customers – ResearchAccess

We have some pretty strong Star Trek fans over here, and so we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to include a reference to Mr. Spock after Leonard Nimoy’s passing in late February. Check out which side of us wins when it comes to loyalty programs – the emotional side or the logical side?

Market Research and Big Data: A Difficult Relationship – GreenBook Blog

The market research industry was all gung-ho about big data and the possibilities of it just a few short years ago. Now, though, it’s almost gone by the way-side. This is a great reminder to look for ways to add big data analytics to current MR practices, rather than ignoring it and treating it as a fad, or thinking it’s going to completely replace MR.

Growth Hacking and Customer Base – The Market Research Blog

Growth hacking: being innovative about growing your audience of engaged clients. Bonus: three lessons you can learn from drug dealers about marketing. (Yes, really. They went there.)

New a Google: Local Guides App, Search Impact Report, Adwords Upgrades – Small Business Trends Blog

Speaking of new technologies, there’s some important stuff happening at Google that small businesses should know.