March Month in Review: 16 Enhancements with 5 New Features!

March was a busy month for our amazing QuestionPro development teams. We had referenced a number of big feature enhancements that were going to be launched during the month of March. We’ll look throught those, then let you know what else we did to keep improving your QuestionPro experience.

Major Enhancements (New Features!)

We said we were going to have these major enhancements done in March – and we did it! We even had a couple of special webinars about these during the month to roll out the carpet on the new features.

  • Website Feedback Surveys. Have you seen that tab on the side of each blog post lately? You can have one of your own! We held a special free training session March 31 all about how to set these up and included lots of best practice information about them. If this is the first you’re hearing about it, don’t worry, we recorded the session. You can also access the Website Feedback quick-start feature guide.
  • Dynamic Show/Hide. This new feature in a major enhancement to the previous show/hide which required a page break for it to work. This removes that requirement.
  • Exit Surveys. If you’ve visited our training overview page, you’ve likely seen an example of our Exit Surveys. We covered these in the recording listed above; we also have a quick-start feature guide for exit surveys available.
  • Integrated Testing with TryMyUI. We are firm believers in testing surveys. To make this easier for you, and to make the testing more objective than just gathering your friends and colleagues for the testing, we’ve introduced the integrated testing with TryMyUI. This is completely integrated into the Edit Survey experience, and you get video of someone taking your survey live, as well as a Survey Respondent Score (SRS) that gives you an idea of the usability of your survey. The SRS is based on a few key items that we found affect the amount of cognitive stress a user might experience when taking your survey. Learn all about this, the science behind it, and what it means, by watching our recording of the webinar.
  • Global VISA Rewards. We’ve had Tango card, Starbucks gift cards, and gift cards, but now you have access to the Global VISA virtual gift card! This makes adding rewards more open to our global customers. We’ll be holding a special free training session about this in the next couple of months, so stay tuned!

Mid-level enhancements

  • Salesforce enhancements. If you have enabled the Salesforce mapping on your survey, you now have a couple of options when reviewing data in the Response Viewer under the Reporting tab. When you select responses, you’ll be given the option to either Delete the Responses or else to re-post the responses to Salesforce. We also made an enhancement to the mobile app sync; now, when you sync your data after being offline, if your survey was apped to Salesforce, the data will automatically push to Salesforce when the data from the mobile app is synced to your account.
  • Caspio integration enhancements. Rank order questions now pass the answer text instead of just the numeric rank. For select many questions, instead of importing the answers in separate columns, the answers are imported as one column, with the values separated by commas. There is also a new table for mapping the survey questions to the Caspio fields.
  • More languages added! Amharic, Marathi, and Gurmukhi have been added to the list of available languages supported for multilingual surveys.
  • The Send Survey tab has been cleaned up a bit. Instead of two separate Popup survey options, all Popup survey options can be accessed in the same sub-menu.
  • We added the HTML Link code to the list of website embed options. You can update the text that you want to use for the link on your webpage and decide whether you want the link to open on the same page or on a different page. Then you copy the HTML and paste it into your site.

Other updates

  • If you were getting errors when exporting Signs and Flyers, that issue has been fixed.
  • Using special characters when naming criteria was causing issues with the show/hide logic. That has been fixed.
  • Using the “Save and Continue” button with email invites was frustrating some, as the saved URL didn’t work. It works now.
  • Criteria names can now have special characters in them and still work with the show/hide question logic.
  • Custom variables passed in the survey URL are now updating properly.
  • Getting to the survey responses from your Salesforce account via the survey response URL no longer requires you to log in to your QuestionPro account if you were already logged in.