Integrate surveys with Microsoft Dynamics and map responses to CRM in real-time

QuestionPro has created a direct integration with Microsoft Dynamics

Last week, we announced a direct Microsoft Dynamics integration. This integration will enable sales and customer success teams to integrate surveys with Microsoft Dynamics CRM and ERP solutions. This week, we’re taking it one step further by providing you a step-by-step video. This all can be accomplished in under four minutes. Check it out!


This will be available to everyone in April within the QuestionPro Integrations module. However, if you are interested in becoming a part of our Beta test, please email This will be available within the QuestionPro Integrations module. However, if you are interested in becoming a part of our Beta test, please email Here are the five simple steps to Integrate Microsoft Dynamics with QuestionPro – in case the video is not your thing.

Step 1 – Logging In

Select the “Integrations” tab and then select “Microsoft Dynamics.”

Step 2 – Authentication

  • Enter your CRM Dynamics Organization URL.
  • The username will be the same as your Microsoft Dynamics username.
  • You can acquire the client ID by registering an app with Azure Active Directory.
  • Enter the password in the password field.
  • Click on the “Verify Connection” button.

Step 3 – Entity Mapping & Integration Type

Once your Microsoft Dynamics login information has been verified and connected, please select your Microsoft Dynamics entity and then select the integration type.

  • Select the type of entity that you would like to map to your MS Dynamics CRM.
  • Select the Integration Type based on whether you want to create a new record for the selected entity or update an existing record.
  • Save Connection Mapping.

Step 4 – Entity Identifier

Once you have saved the connection mapping, select the identifier and then update. The identifier is always unique and in the example below is “emailaddress1”

Step 5 – Field Mapping

Map the fields in QuestionPro that aligns with Microsoft Dynamics.

  • Each question will have a link for mapping that question to a field belonging to the selected Entity in Dynamics CRM.
  • In QuestionPro all close ended (select type) question types are saved as integer. You can map all close ended (select type) type questions to a numeric field in Dynamics CRM. Text questions can be saved as a string type field.
  • You can also map survey custom variables and the survey name to fields in MS Dynamics CRM
  • Once all questions and custom variables are mapped, click on Save Data-Flow Mapping.

That’s it! QuestionPro will now be integrated with Microsoft Dynamics. We will make the announcement once integration goes live. Stay tuned!