Moving from Customer Experience to Human Experience


When brands strike customer experience strategies, they sometimes tend to forget to take care of the most critical aspect. Human sentiment – it can be and is a powerful attribute of customer experience that we so often tend to ignore. When you provide a customer experience to “people” that is worth remembering, your brand will carve out it’s own space in their lives. They will remember you if you connect with them at the right time, when they need you to be there.

This brings us to customer service. You cannot provide a good customer experience without an excellent customer service. People remember people much more than the product, how you dealt with them at their time of need, anger and perhaps desperation with your brand, is how they will remember your brand. And that will define their next stage of brand loyalty.

Customer Feedback – Asking instead of Assuming

What do you do when you need to know how your employees are treating customers? How was their last experience with your brand? Are they going to recommend your brand to their friends and colleagues?

Precise answers to these questions and many more, hold enormous opportunities for your brand that cannot be substituted with vague assumptions. In other words, consumer perception cannot be assumed.

The simplest way to understand your brand perception is to directly ask the people who have experienced it – your customers. And based on the feedback that you receive, you should be able to instantly get in touch with a grieving customer to connect and resolve their issues. This is where timing is critical. Similarly, when you know the customer is thrilled, you should request them to share your brand on social channels.

Yes, this is indeed too complicated a process to undertake and track manually, all by yourself, especially if you are a mid-sized business where process efficiency is critical to growth or even to break even with a decent margin.

That why we have QuestionPro CX – The Customer Insights Platform.

CX allows you to map and track customer experience throughout their journey with your brand. It’s NPS specialized dashboard enables you to identify customers as brand promoters, passive or detractors in realtime. Furthermore, it doesn’t just provide you insight, but also action. With fully automated response mechanism for promoters and detractors, you can now ensure that unhappy customers are instantly reached out to for grievance resolution and promoters are provided the opportunity to share your brand across social media.

In other words, it is platform that is designed to let you treat your customers as humans and not just digits on your data sheet.

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