Multi-Lingual Surveys using QuestionPro

image With 94% of the world’s population not speaking English as their first language and 75% not speaking English at all, its imperative for organizations on a global level to deploy a multilingual model for all their business correspondences, client feedback, employee appraisals, researches, etc.

Many don’t realize that QuestionPro can speak multiple languages! The multilingual functionality within QuestionPro makes it easy to program a survey in multiple languages. The basic concept is simple: for each question, you can add the question and answer text for each language you want to offer to your respondents.

To start create the survey in the language you’re most comfortable with. Then, going into the ‘edit’ section for each question in the survey, you can add the text for the question and answer options for the respective languages. On the analysis side, you can segment your  reports based on different languages or view the data in aggregate form.

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