Net Promoter Conference News Yields Exciting Partnership

imageDana Stanley, our head of marketing has been at the Net Promoter Conference in San Francisco and posted the following report (reprinted from Research Access)

The big news from the opening day of the Net Promoter Conferenceyesterday was Satmetrix‘ partnership with Metavana to offer a new “social” Net Promoter Score called the SparkScore.

Net Promoter Score is an approach to customer satisfaction measurement.  The new SparkScore is Satmetrix’ approach to the growing field of text analytics and sentiment analysis.

The announcement seems to have gotten significant attention so far, including a nice writeup from Mashable, which likened the SparkScore a “Klout score for brands.”

Coming soon on Research Access will be my interview with Satmetrix CEO Richard Owen, and conversations with Metavana’s CEO Michael Tupanjanin and the brains behind the SparkScore,Metavana founder and renowned physicist Dr. Minh Duong-van.

If any of Metavana sounds familiar to you, it’s because we’ve had a strong relationship with their head of marketing, Romi Mahajan.  Romi has also been a guest expert on your latest webinar on market research trends.

I had heard some grumblings about the Net Promoter Score recently; how it’s not keeping up, it’s not as good a tool as some others.  So when I saw this write up on Research Access, I knew that the grumblings were actually the grumblings of something bigger and better on the horizon.

I am still a fan of the Net Promoter Score and can’t wait to see what Metavana and Satmetrix accomplish together.