New! How to precisely schedule your surveys using QuestionPro’s advanced survey scheduler

It is often easy to miss the fact that today, an organization’s operational growth is almost always limited by “time” bound delivery. As we struggle to make operations and product / service delivery more efficient, the only alternative to increase productivity is by automating parts of business operations that are predictable, repeatable and most of all – operations that can be scheduled.

QuestionPro has thousands of surveys being sent by users across the World,who too have the same operational constraint – time. Which means, one of the ways we could help our users and clients is through precise automation of time-bound survey sending. And so we did!

Introducing – The second phase of QuestionPro’s survey scheduling

Sometime back, QuestionPro became the first survey software to introduce the feature of scheduling surveys. With this update, our users no longer had to login each time they wanted to send a survey – because now they could schedule their surveys to be sent out at any day and QuestionPro’s sophisticated platform did the rest.

While our users were delighted by this new automated and relieving experience and we saw a rapid rise in adaptation of this new feature, we wanted to take this further and make automated scheduling more “precise”.

And here it is – QuestionPro has launched an incremental update to survey scheduling which now allows users to not just select the day, but also the exact “time” to send their surveys.

Here is how you can do it :

1. Pick a survey you want to send and click on “Send Later”.


2. As you can see, it now gives you an option to schedule your survey by picking a date and specific time when you would like to send your surveys.


Precise time bound scheduling is particularly helpful for non-local research studies when researchers prefer to schedule their surveys to be sent to respondents at their local times. The scheduler is especially handy when these respondent time zones are at odds with user’s own time zone.