Offline poll app – Now conduct online polls without internet connectivity

If staying away from your computer or no internet connection is the reason for not conducting polls, then think twice. You do have an option to use an offline poll app on your android and iOS devices to gather the opinion of masses on the go. The offline poll app makes it easier for you to collect feedback or opinions, even if there is no internet connectivity. The data collected is stored locally on the devices used to conduct polls and starts syncing once the device gets connected to the internet. 

Features of an offline poll app 

  1. The offline poll app enables you to securely conduct polls and collect opinions even when your device is not connected to the internet. 
  2. The number of polls you can conduct per device is limited to the amount of internal and storage space that a specific device has. 
  3. You can use multiple question types to create a poll. Gather feedback, rating, or ask for an opinion using the appropriate question type.
  4. Customize your polls using images in the background, adding branding elements like company logo, color, themes, etc. 
  5. Enhance overall polling experience by deploying the polls on multiple devices and Kiosks. Interact personally with people and explain to them what the poll is about, thereby enhancing the quality of poll response.    
  6. Using an offline poll app, you can view the results of the poll in real-time as and when they are submitted. Besides, you can share and download the poll results in multiple formats like CSV, PDF, NPS reports, etc. 
  7. When you are at an event or a tradeshow, turn your tablet into an interactive kiosk by setting up an offline poll on it. Let the tablet record all the responses and sync the collected data once your device is connected to the internet. 
  8. An offline poll app helps you to configure your poll in a local or regional language, ensuring broader reach and enhanced response rate. 


Use cases for the offline poll app 

  • Events and shows: Using an offline poll app, you can effortlessly collect feedback related to an event or a trade show. The app gathers all the poll responses in an offline mode and stores it in the device itself. Later, when the device is connected to the internet, all offline poll responses start syncing with the database. 
  • Customer opinions: street interviews are made possible with the offline poll app. You can reach out to your customers wherever they are, even if there is no wifi. A small poll to record customer opinions by directly interacting with them is a good idea to get honest feedback. 
  • Voting polls: While conducting voting polls, you can use an offline poll app on different devices like iPhone, iPad, tablets, and Android phones. With these devices, you can reach remote locations where there is no internet connectivity to record voters’ opinions that matter. 
  • Kiosk polls: you can use kiosks anywhere like stores, events, theaters, etc. to collect feedback from visitors. Kiosks polls is an interactive mode to engage with the people to record their opinion related to a specific product or a service.