How online survey software can increase engagement for your company’s social media marketing campaign

How online survey software can increase engagement for your company’s social media marketing campaign_without text

They say if your company is not on social media, it most likely doesn’t exist.

Now ofcourse there are several active companies who may not officially own a social account because they may not expect to make profits by being active on these platforms. But the narrative is simply that even if you do not expect to make any direct new sales from Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter, you should be there for 2 reasons: Brand awareness and customer engagement.

While efforts put on both goals often complement each other, when it particularly comes to social media engagement, social media marketers and digital marketing managers are always hunting for the next big idea to make a new leap.

Social surveys – The next big leap in social media marketing

According to Social Media Examiner, a highly sought after websites for tips on social media marketing, one of the best and most effective ways to increase social media engagement is by asking questions. It said that by asking your audience for their opinion, it gives an impression that company cares about their customer’s experience using their product or service.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a B2B or a B2C business, your clients at the end of the day are, well, human. And it is second nature to us to like when a seller asks about our experience. And while there are many ways to do this, the hottest new tool in the market is cloud based survey software platform.

Products by QuestionPro offer 360 degree social media integration, which means that you don’t just copy-paste a link on social accounts, you can create and post your survey questions directly from the software without even having to open your social media page.

But while we speak about surveys, there is a sub-method that is even more powerful.

Social polling – Smaller but smarter

Search Engine Watch, another well-known digital marketing source, says that integrating online polls on your social media posts can rapidly increase response rate from users and thereby give a big boost to engagement. It is also highly advisable that you allow people who take part in these polls to also see how others have responded. Because while your consumers may love to answer quick questions, they will love even more to see what others have to say and get a sense of the popular opinion.

But QuestionPro is not just about sending and receiving online surveys and polls, it stays true to what the slogan says – The Insights Platform.

You get in-depth and visual qualitative and quantitative analytics on the responses. You can even customize the reports for comparative analysis on how people responded for one question vs another. It also allows respondent tracking to see how one respondent of a certain demographic answered.

While your company gets the much needed consumer insights, your consumers get the much expected engagement. It is win-win method for social media marketing using a cutting edge platform.