QuestionPro Communities – New Online Communities App!

QuestionPro Communities – New Online Communities App!

QuestionPro Communities is very excited to announce that we’ll be releasing a new and improved online communities app. In this app, users will be able to collaborate in new ways via Discussions and an Idea Board, get notified by push notifications, see where they stack up on a leaderboard, and get the latest information, news, and surveys via a user feed. This app is truly a game changer.

This app will be launched by the end of Q2 2017.

Let’s jump in and take a close look at some of the new and exciting features.


There is a ‘Collaborate’ tab where members can participate in our Topics module, participate in a Discussion, or post their latest idea to an Idea Board. This allows the community manager to get even more feedback and insight from their community while also helping to increase engagement.

Geolocation Surveys

With the app, geolocation surveys can be pushed to the members when they cross a predefined geofence. The community manager simply puts in the latitude and longitude of the locations. Then when the member cross the geofence, a survey gets pushed to the app along with a push notification.

Push Notifications

An important and differentiating feature of the app is the ability to send push notification to members. The push notifications will be triggered when surveys gets sent, when new alerts are push to the app, or when the latest news stories are posted.

User News/Activity Feed

This is the concept of a ‘Home’ tab where the user effectively can scroll through a news/activity feed that has surveys available to them, news links, polls, messages pushed, etc. These would show up in stream or list with the most recent being first.

Distribute Messages Dynamically

The community manager can to push out messages to the members via the app. The member would receive a push notification and the message would show up in the member’s news/activity feed. The message could be a general announcement, a news link, a picture, etc.

Points & Leaderboard

Points are tied to every task or activity within the community. The leaderboard is where members can go and check where they are in relation to other members in terms of points. This plays off the gamification aspect of the community. The points and the leaderboard will update automatically in real-time thus ensuring that the members are always up-to-date.


Adding the concept of levels to the app/community so that the member starts at a ‘Beginner’ level and then based on activities completed, surveys taken, etc, they move up the scale to an ‘Expert’. These levels are reported back to the members in an exciting manner so that they are moved to continue leveling up. This also helps out with engagement.

Refer-a-Friend/Share app

Enhancing the Refer-a-Friend feature to invite friends to download the app and join the community. When the member wants to share the app, they can select someone from their contacts, enter in the phone number, or send to people they know on social media. Then a text message or email goes out to those that they referred.

Quick Polling Feature

Adding a quick polling feature to the app where both the members and the community admin can post polls in the community. The polls will show up in the news feed on the app. The results of the poll will then be shown to the member after they’ve answered the poll.

Sneak Preview (App Screenshots): 


















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