QuestionPro launches its advanced market research services

The market research industry is constantly changing, with new methods, advanced tools, and operational efficiency being developed at a fast rate, it is sometimes difficult to keep up with the latest research trends and methods. Companies that are quicker to adopt newer methods, technology and operations strategies can gain a competitive advantage due to the ability to get differentiated insights – companies that utilize similar research methods and processes are likely to get the same data and outputs as their competitors.

At QuestionPro, we are now providing market research services that will give you access to the latest methods as well as the ability to scale your research operations.  We have built a team of insights professionals that include season research veterans, partners, and top academics.

Our unique approach

Data-driven decisions” is the latest buzz phase in MRx – many companies use this or a variation in their tagline. Here at QuestionPro, we take a different approach by flipping that around.  We want to understand your decisions first and then build out the research and insights to support the decision making – we don’t let the data create the decisions. This ‘decisions first’ approach creates the focus for the research, helps develop the hypothesis, drives the analytics, and leads to better insights and action.

It’s still about empowerment

One of the greatest values we provide to our customers is to empower them to run their own research using the QuestionPro software platform. The same holds true with our research services team. Other full-service research houses would rather you keep using them to run their research. We take a different approach, by running each project with you to ensure that you understand the methods and learn how to run them on the QuestionPro platform.

Latest methods

While QuestionPro’s in-house research team is comprised of highly accomplished researchers and analysts, it is impossible to know it all. Therefore, we have created a research partner network of accomplished academics and insights consultants to give you access to the latest methods and specialized research.  We are currently working with our partners to measure brand equity with one question, use latent transition analysis to bring life to your segmentation, and incubating System 1 based research methods on the QuestionPro platform.

The Insights Desk

QuestionPro has developed an interesting concept to help create operational efficiencies and services your organization with fresh insights. We call this the Insights Desk. The desk is designed to be your market research “back-office”, which takes care of all our survey programming, data processing, custom dashboarding, analysis and reporting. In addition, we provide the front-end servicing that responds to all your stakeholders’ data and research requests. The Insights Desk frees up your insights team to focus on strategy and thought leadership, and not get bogged down with operations.

We are here to help

You can find out more about QuestionPro’s research services and offerings here.