QuestionPro Panelists Wow Audiences at Tradecraft

What’s Tradecraft, and what was QuestionPro doing there?

QuestionPro Panelists Wow Audiences at TradecraftRecently, QuestionPro brought a cross-functional team to deliver a presentation and anchor a roundtable discussion at Tradecraft in San Francisco. Tradecraft is a multi-disciplinary professional organization with a mission to empower its members to make a high-level impact in their chosen verticals. The evening’s audience was there passionate to learn more about current technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship from the team.


Meet the Team

Vivek Bhaskaran (CEO), Purujith Gautam (Business Development), Nicholas Reis (UX & TC Alum), Jamie Yan (Product Marketing Management & TC Alum), and James Solada (Marketing Director) fronted the panel, each making contributions to help the crowd learn more about the culture of QuestionPro and what makes it a unique leader in the survey space. There were other QuestionPro employees in attendance as well to help support the panelists.

Bootstrapped Behemoth

Vivek kicked off the evening with an essential look into the DNA of QuestionPro. He outlined first his own desire to leave the stagnant, stifling confines of the corporate world and strike out to sculpt his own destiny as an entrepreneur – by Bootstrapping an Enterprise Survey Software Company or self-funding, QuestionPro (and other successful ventures as well).
While QuestionPro has grown significantly into a multinational organization with a diverse array of product offerings, one thing that has remained are constant core values of resourcefulness and a streak of bold inventiveness. While the former is illustrated in examining company’s history, Vivek then outlined the latter by detailing an exciting new effort underway at QuestionPro – titled Locus.

Talk to Locus – QuestionPro Artificial Intelligence Bot

The initial focus of Locus is in the harnessing of Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Programming (NLP) in developing a “chatbot” to assist users to select and download online survey templates, which is what at least 50% of users hope to accomplish initially when using the product. Much like a conversation, Locus will continuously be “trained” to become increasingly effective at communicating with users and maximizing both the quality and efficiency of their QuestionPro experience. Eventually, the bot will boast even more capabilities within the product.

The Collaborative Culture

Following Vivek, the other team members present began to discuss various situations and circumstances that led to special collaborations between teams. James and Nick shared their ongoing commitment to data-driven design principles, recounting how they’ve successfully collaborated on a sign-up form project with ramifications in both company growth and user satisfaction. Next, Puru shared an anecdote about how his sales calls resulted in usability and product enhancements, simply through gathering customer feedback. Jamie explained how her role as a product marketing manager helped her develop her design skills.

Excitement and Inspiration

 The crowd loved the presentation, and Misha (founder of Tradecraft) began an interactive discussion with the audience. Spirited conversation followed for a few more questions, and eventually, the evening transitioned into a happy hour between Tradecraft and QuestionPro folks. The evening was a smashing success and we look forward to more great events featuring QuestionPro and Tradecraft collaborations!