QuestionPro Updates 7/7

Fire or no-fire, software development continues on. I wanted to share a few updates to QP that we’ve pushed out and in the process of updating:

  1. N/A Option on Matrix Style QuestionIssue: In rating (Likert) style scales, sometimes users want to put a N/A Option for each of the items in the matrix. This introduces a reporting issue with respect to calculating the mean. Users who have used our advanced report configuration had to manually update the reporting to exclude the “N/A” option in the mean calculation. We’ve updated the system make this much easier – see screenshot below:
  2. Row and Column Highlighting on Matrix Style Questions
    We’ve made both Row level highlighting and column level highlighting by default. We undertook some extensive studies on cognitive stresss and response rates – Visual elements that help users keep track of items dramatically increase response rates.

  3. New Question Type – Net Promoter Score
    Users in the past had to go into our Report Configuration section to enable Net Promoter Scoring model on a particular question. We;ve again made this simpler – Just create a question with the Net Promoter Type and everything else is already done for you.image