Start with Why: Let Your Beliefs Fuel Your Customer Experience

I imagine that most of us have been in the situation where we’re just told to do something without really understanding why we’re doing it. Fill out this form. Dig a ditch here. Peel these potatoes. You get the picture. Without the reason behind the task — the ‘why’ — people tend to go through the motions in a rote manner, mentally and emotionally disconnected. This mindless activity can help check the box, but it will never deliver greatness. So, that begs the question: what is the ‘why’ behind your customer experience?


Behind the Slogan

Most businesses tell you that they care about their customers. They have slogans that say as much. Try these on for size:

“We value our customers.”

“The customer is always right.”

“The customer is the center of our business.”

“We put our clients’ interests ahead of the firm’s.”

They sound nice, but can you spot the ones that actually care?

Damon Richards puts it nicely, “Your customers don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” Do you really care about your customers? Customer experience drives loyalty, which drives revenue. Do you care now?


Caring about Customer Experience

Customer experience comes down to a personal conviction of sorts. Do you believe that it’s important to listen to customers? Do you believe that customers have valuable information? Do you care about what they have to say? Do you value your customers, or just their wallets? It’s a matter of the heart.

Caring creates connections. If I really care about my customer as an individual, our relationship transcends economics. If you like people and want what is best for them, your actions will prove it. I like the old adage: “Believe actions, not words.” In the case of a customer-first business mindset, these actions will easily follow. Revenue will follow, as well. Let your passion for people drive your customer experience program.


Starting with Why

Once you identify and articulate what you believe about customer experience, share this with your own organization and your customers. Share it with all the passion you can muster. Share it again and again. When talking with employees, connect the dots for them between what you believe and your customer experience program. When talking with your customers, tell them what you believe and why they matter.

In doing so, you’ll create the kind of enthusiastic ambassadors that will gladly promote your company to their friends and colleagues. QuestionPro’s powerful Promoter Amplification feature can help add jetfuel to this customer enthusiasm. Click here to read a previous post I wrote on that topic:  Promoter Amplification – The Most Powerful Marketing

Additionally, here is a great 18-minute TEDx Talk on the importance of starting with ‘why.’

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