Taking QuestionPro University License Nation-Wide!

1 year, 200 universities and a number of projects later, it gives us immense pride to see how the small initiative that we started has grown into an efficient, state-of-the-art, global leader in learning technology! QuestionPro Research Suite has become the standard online survey software across academia—more than 200 universities in India (maybe yours!), have their own department licenses for NO COST!

Now Indian colleges have unlimited QuestionPro user accounts for all of its faculty, staff and students. At QuestionPro, we know that these students enter the corporate world and encourage their employees to use only the finest research software. As a result from the push for business schools to explore research, we have seen an increase in business school users. Last year alone, about 2 lakh users created more than 40,000 surveys.

Not only us, but the universities also take great pride in sending their students to the professional market with skills developed using QuestionPro, which gives them a research edge. With a centralized online survey technology approach, a university-wide license not only extends the benefits of QuestionPro to everyone on campus but also makes better financial sense!

While these numbers are a huge milestone for the research community and us, it is just that – a number. What we’re really celebrating today, and always, is exceeding expectations, innovating, learning and growing continually which is driven by the same passion and spirit, that has enabled us to constantly push boundaries and to do what we do, the BEST! We could not have done this without the support of our customers, team members and, of course, you!