Top 10 reasons to use panel respondents for your survey

Who are panel respondents?

Panel respondents, also known as an online sample or sample respondents, are pre-recruited people who respond to online research surveys. Panel respondents are chosen from a pool of people who’ve agreed to respond to market research surveys. Online survey software has expedited recently. This advancement has seen tremendous growth in using panel members around the globe to answer research surveys. With a vast, but niche and specialized audience to choose from, researchers easily and swiftly field market research studies to particular audiences or demographic groups. Online panels tend to receive higher engagement, and a good response rate as respondents opt to participate in the research. Using an existing customer base as your sample is not the most efficient way to research because they will not always be prepared to participate in surveys.

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Top 10 reasons to use panel respondents for surveys

Online survey respondent panels have gained popularity in recent years, and even more after the onset of COVID-19. Market researchers are scrambling to conduct online studies with focused research panels, and rightly so. Let’s look at the top 10 reasons to use survey respondent panels for your research surveys and online market research studies’

1. High incidence rates

Online respondent targeting is a faster and more consistent approach than traditional respondent targeting. The fact that millions of respondents reside in online panels increases your response rates tremendously. You can always expect high response rates on surveys since respondents opt to participate in research surveys themselves. QuestionPro’s proprietary panel has more than 22+ million respondents around the globe. Get guaranteed responses with quick turn around times on your data collection with panel respondents.

2. High-quality respondents

During panel recruitment, panel providers highly profile the respondents based on various demographic data points. Age, ethnicity, race, gender, income, marital status, education, income, and employment are primary examples. Panel providers continuously monitor for fraudulent, duplicate, and suspicious panelists to make sure researchers receive the highest quality level. The sample database is updated regularly with updated respondent demographics and new respondents to make up for panel attrition.


When it comes to online research, online panels serve just the purpose. Using online survey panels for surveys, especially significant research studies, proves to be cost-beneficial. You can save a lot of time with quick turn around times on your studies. Online panels work instantly and efficiently, so you never have to own a panel or look for survey respondents elsewhere. Because panelists are pre-screened, you get filtered respondents and responses. You save considerable effort and costs to re-field the survey and gather answers.

4. Targeted audience 

Surveys are specifically fielded to a focused research panel of your choice. For example, QuestionPro onboards panelists after scrutinizing them with more than 300 demographic profiling points. Your survey is fielded to respondents who suit your research category to help you target the exact individuals and capture the right insights. With a database of more than 22 million panelists, you are bound to reach a specific audience and gain real insights from the survey responses.

5. Accurate responses 

There are a few reasons why you can expect accurate responses from online panelists. Firstly, members join panels to take part in surveys concerning subjects of their interests or expertise. They help in providing the most accurate insights. Gamified rewards are also a reason why respondents take surveys seriously. Panel providers monitor panels continuously and weed out all the sub-quality responses. QuestionPro uses a unique device identifier to keep a check on duplication. We also detect one-word answers, duplicate text across responses, patterned responses, and gibberish words to filter only respondents with quality responses.

6. Understand behaviors across demographics

The world is your marketplace, and in this marketplace, reside people belonging to varied demographics. It is tough to guess what certain people who belong to different demographics like and dislike. With online panel respondents, understand what each individual likes and dislikes. Know what the population is more inclined toward. People belonging to different demographics respond in different ways to different situations. Break down and understand what each demographic feels or draw conclusions about the entire population for better decision making.

7. Ease of sampling

Using online panel services are simple, even for novice researchers. Sampling becomes very easy compared to other recruitment methods. As the respondents are often ready to answer surveys, taking a larger population sample becomes easy. With QuestionPro, you can directly select the sample in three steps. Simply select the basic demographics necessary for your survey and launch it. The answers you receive will be representative of the sample. You can also reach out to us on, and we’ll help you gather quicker higher quality and more consistent insights.

8. Millions of respondents

QuestionPro’s proprietary panel provides you access to more than 22 million active members worldwide who are double opted-in and highly-qualified in research studies of any level of specificity. From conducting a gen pop study to one with niche panelists like building contractors, veterinarians, to pet owners, a survey panel is the most efficient way to gather accurate responses. Sample management becomes easy when you receive guaranteed responses from the millions of panelists in a survey panel.

9. End-to-end services

Panel providers do more than just handing you the sample. In QuestionPro’s case, we help you achieve the most accurate data by monitoring and discarding unhealthy survey responses. Our highly-skilled and dedicated project managers understand the complexities of online data collection, providing you with total fieldwork management, sophisticated sample configurations. For longitudinal studies, we manage your community for you to focus on the research part, worry-free. 

10. Faster and efficient research

Sampling is not easy. Especially when the accuracy of results is of high priority to the study. Researchers spend a lot of time finding the accurate mix and then spend time cleaning overshot quotas. With panel respondents, the quotas are automatically taken care of. Respondents who overshoot quotas are automatically terminated. Researchers can spend more time digging into and analyzing the data than cleaning up responses. Research projects get completed much sooner, with higher accuracy.

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Speed, accuracy, and reliability with panel respondents

Researchers mainly use online panels when they fancy the speed of responses, the accuracy of data, and the reliability it brings for accurate decision-making. The diversity of online panels helps them get a better understanding of the population of interest. Since panelists have a fair idea of the study’s subject, researchers can probe them more to capture detailed research data. Accessibility helps you reach audiences far and wide to solve all your research queries.