Top six reasons to choose an alternative to Confirmit

The science of research has been progressing rapidly, and researchers are looking at new techniques to conduct market research. Confirmit is a steady, robust research solution that specializes in market research solutions, customer experience, and voice of employee solutions. The platform is geared towards providing clients with great technology and acting as an extension of the research team to ensure a smooth research process.

Research is important to a number of industries, and informed decision making is possible only through data derived from market research studies. Confirmit is one of the best research platforms out there. They work hand-in-hand with clients to deliver success in research projects. So why would you consider a Confirmit alternative? QuestionPro is the best alternative to Confirmit for research because it has so much more to bring to the table. Read on why you must consider an alternative to Confirmit.

Gather research insights

Six reasons to select a Confirmit alternative

Below are six reasons to switch from Confirmit to it’s best alternative – QuestionPro.

Ease of doing business

Have you ever had to deal with hidden charges on your software license? QuestionPro maintains full transparency on all the costs that you’ll incur, so you can conduct research without surprises. Surprise costs mess up your budgets if not careful and that’s the last thing we want for researchers. Price-transparency is extremely essential for huge research projects. Our sales team is upfront when it comes to cost, and we do not believe in hidden charges. Our goal is to provide all types of researchers with the best price, so you can focus more on the data collection and research bit. Switch to Confirmit’s best research alternative for a better experience of doing business and save up on your costs and research time.

Single solution for every type of researcher

Research software should be robust, yet easy to use and understand, even for first-time, or novice researchers. Only seasoned researchers find it comfortable using just any type of software for research, but Confirmit can be a challenge for most. The time taken to learn and understand the research platform can be considerably long, and not everybody has the time to learn the software from scratch. QuestionPro provides you with simple, single-solution software that is practical to use even for occasional users.  Run large-scale surveys spanning different countries in multiple languages, while saving money and time. To aid smother research, we’ve placed help files covering all the tool aspects Run surveys hassle-free and capture exactly what’s on the minds of your audience.

We understand clients better.

We provide every customer with a dedicated account manager to assist you through every step of the research journey. Customers can reach us via email, phone, or live chat 24/7 for immediate assistance, so you do not get stuck during any phase of research. Our best in class customer service helps you save time fixing issues that you face during the research activity. Our personalized support and service ensure that you run multiple research projects hassle-free, and collect intuitive research data for better decision-making.

Robust questions and survey logic

Ask research questions in 48+ different ways. Access basic or advanced research questions to gather the most suitable data. Use superior research questions like Max Diff, Conjoint, Van Westendorp, Heatmap, NPS (Net Promoter Score), and a lot more to capture quality responses. Use research techniques like question and options randomization to avoid survey bias. Use branching and skip logic, or use advanced and block randomization to obtain clearer responses. Tap into question, text validation, or piping for your surveys. Create beautiful, intriguing surveys with custom scripting to draw in more responses. Tap into the revolutionary anchored max diff research question to help you yield accurate research results.

Continuous innovation

Multiple stakeholders need different permission and access levels for large research projects which is not possible with Confirmit. Often, this poses a challenge to code surveys analyze reports, or even edit surveys. With QuestionPro it is simple and straightforward to grant these permission levels. The right people will always have the right access to the right functions of the tool. Access downloadable, real-time, precise, dashboards instantly, so that all your research data is visible to you, up-to-date. Reading and understanding the data in the dashboard is easy to understand and read. Assessing extensive surveys is a cakewalk with QuestionPro.  Large surveys do not negatively affect the speed of the research tool or the dashboard.

Gather research insights

Complete research solutions

Switch from Confirmit to QuestionPro for an end-to-end research tool. A professional-grade research survey software helps you easily run large, but robust research surveys. Use 48+ question types to capture accurate consumer insights and gauge exactly what’s on the minds of your audience. A powerful survey logic helps you to collect unbiased responses from all over the world. Build a research community with the Communities platform to perform longitudinal research. Tap into 22+ million pre-screened survey respondents with QuestionPro Audience and capture responses within minutes. All the respondents are qualified to take part in different types of market research studies and surveys. Use the advanced dashboard to gain helpful insights that matter to you and your business to make informed decisions. Connect with us to know more about switching over smoothly from Confirmit.