Education has changed drastically over the past decade, due to the introduction of mobile applications in the classroom. While it may seem foreign or unnecessary to parents, this way of learning and communicating is here to stay. Traditionally, accessing technology was limited only to those who could afford to purchase a computer. However, in recent years, the cost of a smartphone has made technology more accessible to the masses, which is why there are now almost 7 billion smartphones in the world.

TechSparks, by YourStory Media, is to start-ups in India what ComicCon is to comics fanatics all over the world. It is a world of amplified inspiration. Shraddha Sharma, the YourStory Chief, started this in 2010 to recognize the top start-ups in India and bring them a platform with access doors to mentors, strategists, talent hackers, and VCs….

We have entered the AI Chat-bot market! Our new product – Forms, was released this week. Forms leverages our existing survey platform to create survey and forms that are completed through an interactive chat front-end. Its takes 5 minutes to create a fully functional chat-bot from scratch – no coding required! All the while increasing your response rate by 500%!…

From the Oval Office to Silicon Valley, our citizens and employees are demanding more from those who hold leadership positions. Across the nation, people have begun to organize and rally so their voices could be heard in unison by businesses and political leaders. These movements have caused quite a disruption among many businesses and overnight some workplaces have become somewhat hostile working environments….

QuestionPro is now providing its nonprofit survey program to potentially 600,000 new users with its partnership with TechSoup. All nonprofits registered with TechSoup to have direct and free access to a QuestionPro Corporate License. TechSoup is a leading social change organization that helps mission-driven organizations with their technology needs. We currently offer a Non-Profit Waiver Program, providing our survey software to any nonprofit who wishes to sign up –