Upcoming Webinar- Listen to build

We use Scrum to get our teams aligned.  I look for other key things which are related to customers and I use this opportunity to follow up with the team on thoughts or items which could potentially deteriorate our customers’ experience.

Any meeting is an opportunity to observe what is happening to our customers through your employees.  This is another addition to your observation tools.

A customer centric organization has to have processes around ensuring that you get the intelligence back from the organization to the people who can make the decisions to affect your customer.

A couple of thought leaders and I will be talking about a framework which covers the following areas in our customer-centric approach to building products:

1. Observing your customers

2. Identifying the Purpose behind your customers’ journey

3. Being Transparent with your customers

4. Ideation with your customers

5. Finding your customer’s Motivation to help with short term / long term growth

6. Keeping your team members Accountable

7. Creating and maintaining Loveable aspects of product


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