Ways to Use Data Segmentation in the Survey Process

imageData segmentation is one of the most useful tools when creating online surveys. The process helps your business identify opportunities for growth, target communication toward specific audiences, and reduce costs from having multiple survey campaigns. QuestionPro has different types of data segmentation grouping options available, including Custom Variable Based and Time Based. Lets look at data segmentation and what it can do for your survey research.

Segmentation lets you sort responses based on parameters such as question responses, custom variables or time frames. You can access the data segmentation tool within QuestionPro by clicking through Surveys – Reports – Advanced – Analysis – Grouping/Segmentation. A maximum of ten segments at a time are allowed.

Once the segmentation is set up, you can add filters to the data segments to allow for analyzing multiple pieces of data. For example, you create one group where the selection criteria chooses “male,” and the second group where the selection criteria selects “female.” A benefit of QuestionPro’s system is that you do not need to create the segments before the survey commences. In fact, the segments may be created anytime during the data collection because it is independent of the process.

Custom Variable Based Grouping

QuestionPro allows you to create custom variable segmentation based on the following groups: email list code, external reference variable, and custom variables. An email list code is exactly that – the email list you use to end out the email survey. It is easy to aggregate custom variables simply by separating the data values with commas.

Time Based Grouping

A useful way to segment data is through time-based filters, which allows you to analyze your data based on a particular time frame (e.g. when the survey was completed). Time based grouping can be set up at any point during the data collection process. Simply go to Surveys – Reports – Advanced Analysis – Grouping/Segmentation. Clicking on the “new data segment” button lets you name the groups and select the data segment. A helpful feature of QuestionPro’s time based grouping is you can account for different time zones.

Data segmentation can be one of the most helpful tools for analyzing your survey data and getting the most out of the process. The more you can break down the data into categories and understand the responses, the better your information will be and you will be prepared to tackle your businesses’ challenged armed with the most comprehensive information.