Why you should jump on board the Infographic train?

Our online world is more and more visual every day. The rise of Instagram, the Pinterest explosion and the number of images in your Facebook feed are proof that we want our content delivered in a pretty package.infographics-design

That’s why we are excited to tell you more about the smartest idea on the block. Infographics.

Infographics, are a great way to visually represent information or data. They are a popular method for conveying quantitative data and is the fastest growing content types on the web.

According to a study by Graphs.net, businesses that publish infographics grow their traffic an average of 12% more than those that don’t.

Let’s understand how a well-designed infographic will capture the attention of your target audience and engage them.

1. Complex data made simple: Infographics are so appealing because they tell a short story using a combination of graphics, data, and text. This is a much better way to engage your audience than boring them with a series of statistics.

A well-designed infographic packages the messages concisely, and the main findings can be absorbed by the audience at a glance.

2. Grab those eye balls: In today’s world of information technology, we are swimming in a sea of information. Your survey report is just another drop in the bucket.

An eye catching infographic can stop someone in his or her tracks. Even the most mundane data can be made appealing & memorable with a cool infographic.

3.Share without care: Give your clients and prospects a handy, all-in-one reference and you’ll have a fan for life.

Best of all, it’ll get shared among your target market as images via additional marketing channels & social media via Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram, which increases its reach.

If you have created an infographic with your survey results, please share a link to your beautiful new data report in the comments below!