Will Your Email be Opened During the Holiday Season? [Infographic]

Ah, the holiday season. Or, as many companies see it, Q4 of their fiscal year. A time when companies seek revenue in a distracted and turned-off B2B world as a last-ditch effort for profit margins. With email being so instantaneous, and the potential ROI needed quickly, companies usually rely on an email campaign to grab their reader’s attention.

According to Emailmonday, a whopping 91% of people say they check their email at least once a day. Even better, 72% of people prefer emails as a means to business communication, yet the decline in productivity during the holiday season is staggering. The average conversion rate of all emails sent during the holidays is a painful 0.14%. Ouch.

What type of email is best to send? When is the best time to send an email? Does anyone read emails on Christmas Day?

QuestionPro Audience compiled a list of the most interesting statistics of holiday emailing. Here’s what we found: