Designing an effective employee engagement survey

5 guidelines for designing an effective employee engagement survey


In a previous article by World renowned leadership coach and bestselling author – Marshall Goldsmith had explained the importance of framing the right employee engagement survey questions. He explained how employee perception of the same questions change positively when asked in the right tone and was framed carefully.

Here we go to the next step and discuss the best practices in designing a complete and effective employee engagement survey:

5 guidelines for designing an effective employee engagement survey

1.) Survey content approval: While it is intelligent to get your survey approved by key figures in your company, know that almost everyone will have an opinion. But in order to make the approval process both effective and quick, it is best to involve no more than 2 authorities.

2.) Include specific definitions: When you refer to management figures such as “Reporting Manager”, “Senior Manager”, “Immediate Director” and so on, it is best to involve definitions to avoid any confusion on behalf of the responding employees. A simple confusion can lead to a survey disaster.

3.) Take opinions and ideas: Instead of creating a survey and going through a lengthy process of amendments, it is best to take your colleague and senior’s opinions beforehand. It make the process simpler and the approval process shorter. Brainstorm and identify the key areas you want to touch upon in your employee engagement survey and be concise in your approach while designing and creating

4.) Conduct test runs: This is a crucial test. You may feel that your survey is perfect with the right logic and branching and all elements are in place. However, more often or not you will either identify errors or find ways to make your survey even better while running tests.

5.) Review: Based on the tests and opinions received from people involved in the testing process, you can make your final review of the survey. Once done, run another test and when you feel its upto the mark, it’s time to send it out and let the magic happen!