5 Tips for Creating Great Looking Online Surveys

An online survey measures practical information to help businesses improve their customer services and gain information from its consumers. But just because a survey is a practical tool doesn’t mean it is exempt from creativity. Here are five tips to creating great looking online surveys that are sure to get a response rate.

Tip #1: Customize the Template Colors

QuestionPro makes it easy to customize your survey template with different colors. In fact, you can change the look and feel of nearly all aspects of your survey through the Customization options. Change up the background color. Make important questions more visually appealing. You can even break up the text by alternating color-coded text sections. Use of varying colors helps make a survey look exciting and breaks up the information into readable sections.

Tip #2: Add Your Logo to the Survey

Brand your online survey with your company logo or identifier. This helps the customer know the survey is legitimate, while at the same time, adding your brand to another webpage. Using QuestionPro’s “Display Options” module, it’s easy to upload your logo to surveys as well as the survey recruitment emails. The process is as easy as uploading an email attachment.

Tip #3: Add Images to a Survey

Images are another great way to break up text and test marketing photos and ideas. To insert an image to a Question-Answer option QuestionPro survey, copy the HTML code from the “My Image Library.” When you add questions, simply paste the code where you want the image to appear.

Here’s an example of a question you can write to rate an image.



Always remember to keep intellectual property in mind when using images. Don’t run the risk of using copyright materials that you don’t own, as you are responsible for your survey content.

Tip #4: Customize the Email Invitation

The email invitation you create to invite people to take a survey is just as critical as the design of the survey itself. Be sure the email is designed well and engages the reader to click-through to the survey. There’s no point in having a visually appealing survey if you cannot get people to click on the link that brings them to the questions.

Tip #5: Customize the Email Thank You

Sending a thank you email after the individual completes the survey is an important part of the process. And just because the survey has been completed doesn’t mean the email thank you should be any less visually appealing as the survey. These components are all part of the process. QuestionPro helps you upload logos and images to the emails just as easily as you would to the survey itself.

As you get to work on crafting your online survey tool, remember the visual aspect is as appealing as the questions themselves. Experiment with adding color to the templates and font. Use images and logos to set your survey apart from others. And always say thank you to your customer for providing feedback.