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Panel Management Software

What is a Research Panel?

A research panel is a pre-qualified community of individuals with relevant backgrounds who have agreed to participate in quantitative and qualitative research initiatives that will ultimately provide the researcher with insights on various products or services.

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What is Panel Management Software?

Panel management software is a tool that helps companies create a customized portal for their panel. Using this software makes it easy for companies to recruit, segment and maintain their panels. In addition, panel management software allows companies to quickly and easily gain insight from panelists, create and manage multiple panels, build rich panelist profiles, and target segments of panelists.

Why Should You Use Panel Management Software?

  • Targeted Research: Companies are drawn to the ease of which they can send out surveys to a targeted group and receive immediate results.
  • Better Results: The panel management software provides higher response rates and more reliable feedback.
  • Respondent Profiles: The company can develop robust profiles of its panelists and use the data for future product development.
  • Quick Turnaround: Panel management software provides faster results than almost any other method of research.
  • Cost-Effective: Owning and managing a panel internally costs significantly less than purchasing samples bought from another source.

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QuestionPro’s Panel Management Software:

  • The panel recruitment portal is easy to create by using a point and click interface
  • Integrate with software systems using API
  • Integrate with Google Analytics to get insights into website traffic
  • Option to communicate with members via email
  • Upload images or logos to the image library for use on the portal, emails, surveys,  etc.

Add Panelists Using the Various Signup/Invitation Options:

  • Unlimited and extended profiling can be done by having panel members signup and take surveys for profiling
  • Invitations can also be sent via email
  • Double opt-in verification increases the reliability of email invitation delivery
  • Able to assign recruitment surveys for profiling

Points/Rewards Incentive:

  • Allocate points for joining the portal
  • Distribute points for completed surveys or referrals
  • Users can redeem the points at will

Panel User Management:

  • Customize/add/edit fields for member profiling
  • Profile field analytics and reports provide insight
  • Export/import panelist data
  • Search/filter panel members
  • Bulk update user status (New, Verified, Unsubscribed, Blocked, Pending Moderator Approval, etc.)


  • Sign up and dropout trend report for the panel
  • Domain report provides insight into panel member’s email profile
  • Detailed reports about users and recent activity

Survey/Research Projects:

  • Send out email invitations for new surveys
  • Survey tracking and analytics for completes, opt-outs, terminated, and point allocation based on survey status
  • Detailed project history of all projects, invitations, etc.

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For successful implementation of the panel management software – Recruit, Engage, Reward, Repeat!