Stratified Random Sampling: Definition
Stratified random sampling is a type of probability sampling using which a research organization can branch off the entire population into multiple non-overlapping, homogeneous groups (strata) and randomly choose final members from the various strata for research which reduces cost and improves efficiency. Members in each of these groups should be distinct so that every member of all groups get equal opportunity to be selected using simple probability.

What is Systematic Sampling?
Systematic sampling is a probability sampling method where the elements are chosen from a target population by selecting a random starting point and selecting other members after a fixed ‘sampling interval’. Sampling interval is calculated by dividing the entire population size by the desired sample size.
In school, while selecting the captain of sports teams, most of our coaches asked us to call out numbers such as 1-5 (1-n) and the students with a random number decided by the coach, for this instance, 3, would be called out to be the captains of different teams.

Cluster Sampling: Definition
Cluster sampling is defined as a sampling method where multiple clusters of people are created from a population where they are indicative of homogeneous characteristics and have an equal chance of being a part of the sample. In this sampling method, a simple random sample is created from the different clusters in the population.

Mobile market research has been through a tremendous transformation over the past decade, emerging from obscurity to becoming one of the most sought-after market research methods.  
According to the 2018 Pew Research Center, 95% of Americans own a cellphone and 77% of these owners use smartphones for mobile communication.

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Customer Churn Definition
Customer churn or customer attrition is the phenomenon where customers of a business no longer purchase or interact with the business.

Online research is a research method that involves the collection of information from the internet. With the advent of the internet, the traditional pen-and-paper research techniques have taken a backseat and made room for online research. Online survey research is much more impactful than the traditional means, considering the ease of access and cost savings they come with.