We’ve been diligently working on an initiative to improve the CX platform, first by improving the navigation flow.

We’ve simplified the navigation menu into four actionable steps:

Survey: create your survey
Deploy: send survey to your customers
Analytics: your dashboard and reporting
Action: follow up with customers using closed-loop follow up and align your organization with smart loop

We’ve also consolidated all the settings under the “…

If you’re sending customer satisfaction surveys to your customers, we have good news! As a part of our Advanced Reporting initiative, we’ve released an advanced reporting widget in our dashboard within our Customer Experience platform.
Add your CSAT question type into your survey as you normally do, and with a few clicks of your mouse in Analytics, you can see your CSAT summary in a widget within your custom-built dashboard….

Combine all your Customer, Operational, and Strategic intelligence into your CX Dashboard
We’re excited to introduce our advanced dashboard reporting for Customer Experience! We’ve spoken to many of you and have heard your customer experience challenges. And we’re committed to creating better solutions for your business needs.
We understand that Customer Experience is about more than just surveying your customers.  

Analyzing customer feedback is still a common challenge among most businesses due to a common reason: there is a massive amount of open-ended text responses across multiple feedback channels.
Customer feedback and Customer Experience go hand-in-hand. Whether you’re running a small business or managing an enterprise-level organization, it’s likely that customers are sharing valuable information that can help your business….

If you missed our Part 2 Webinar – Customer Journey Mapping and Best Practices, we’ve got you covered. David Hicks teamed up with our CEO Vivek Bhaskaran to talk about the second foundation of building a successful CX program – customer journey mapping. We will walk you through customer journey mapping and best practices and present alongside a case study with Emirates Airlines….