Discover how customers feel about you by automating CX sentiment analysis

QuestionPro CX Sentiment Analysis

Automation is here to change the way we track and analyze the types of customer journey. Now you can experience the power of automation with our automated sentiment analysis tool. Add sentiment analysis to your CX dashboard report and it will automatically analyze and self-categorize specific topics and reoccurring themes that are being talked about. You will be able to manage, merge, mute, and apply filters to the tagged themes to dive deeper into analyzing customer sentiment. For those who used to manually define and categorize open-ended comments, this is a welcoming and time-saving change!

Benefits of sentiment analysis for your business

  • Allows you to adjust marketing strategies based on how customers feel about it
  • Measures ROI on various marketing campaigns and messages
  • Know customers’ opinions on products/services and better align with their tastes
  • Improve customer service
  • Helps in developing a crisis management protocol
  • Identifies sales, retention, and growth opportunities
  • Boosts sales revenue

The setup

  1. After logging into the CX section of QuestionPro, click on ‘Analytics’.
  2. Under Overall dashboard, + add a widget.

Add Widget CX sentiment analysis

  1.  Select the survey or segment and add a name for the new widget on the dashboard.
  2. Select chart type: ‘Sentiment Analysis’ and click on ‘next’.
  3. To enable auto-tagging, scroll down to the new sentiment widget and click on the magic wand icon on the right-hand corner of the widget template of the sentiment analysis chart.

CX Sentiment Analysis

  1.  The output will highlight promoters, neutral, and detractors. It will automatically tag and categorize sentiment according to unique themes found.
  2. Click on the words or tagged circles to review grouped themes and individual responses
  3. To mute and unmute a tagged response, select  ‘x’ next to the tag word to deactivate and select checkmark to reactivate.

Manage and merge auto-tags

  1. To merge or edit tags, select the setting icon in the top right-hand corner to open the tag manager.

Merge Tags CX Sentiment Analysis

  1.  Under ‘All Tags’ select the tags you want to merge, create a new tag name, and select ‘Merge’ to consolidate tags.
  2. Select ‘Merged Tags’ to review and access all manually merged tags.

To learn more about adding sentiment analysis to your customer experience program, contact us today and we can introduce you to Watson and get you started.