Collecting Survey Responses & Platform Simplicity

For the QuestionPro Platform, the most prominent method of receiving high quality insights is ensuring that the experience of collecting survey responses is pleasurable. This involves many key pieces, but it begins with the survey editing experience. Before going any deeper into this, I want to take a step back and explain how we intentionally structured the workspace, for creating and editing surveys, around the survey answering experience.

To maintain simplicity while creating a survey, the platform contains only two types of areas: the left-hand column and the right-hand column.


The blue area on the left-hand side of the diagram is where questions can be modified. We only allow content editing to take place this area, giving the user only one way to edit any question’s content.

The red area on the right-hand side is where we can do two things: modify properties of the survey and add questions. The purpose behind this red area is so that the settings modified in the red area changes the structure or meta structure of the blue area and can be seen in real-time. For a good example to see how this works in action, try modifying the “Survey theme” in the right-hand column—you will notice that we are simultaneously modifying the look and feel of the left-hand area.

This UI guideline is a very simple way of giving you context while you work on the survey.


Does it feel right? Practice Content Skimming


After the survey has been created, we’re guessing that you will want the ability to quickly see if it feels right—are you asking the right questions with the least amount of survey respondent fatigue when collecting survey responses? To find this answer, you will want to skim through the questions and also focus in on some advanced question properties at the same time. The short length of the content on the right side creates an F shaped pattern, which was popularized by Jakob Nielson to enable quick skimming of content.

The platform also contains a compact view that displays only the question text, helping users easily see any progression of the questions, rather than focusing on the answer options.

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