Do more with customer feedback: Move beyond an NPS score

With the restrictions on eating out due to the pandemic, I have been ordering food many times of late. The primary need is no longer “fast” or “on-time” delivery but a “safe” delivery. The take out place and the delivery agent are adhering to all the requisite safety and hygiene standards is the major concern in my mind. Today we’re going to talk about Net Promoter Score Plus (NPS+), our newest customer experience (CX) feature, and how it can help brands elevate their customer experience and customer satisfaction.

A lot of the customer feedback may or may not be around this specific concern. You cannot let your food quality get sloppy or steeply increase your prices to account for additional or new expenses. Most of the reasons or complaints may not even come to the forefront. Most surveys will have a rating scale question conducted immediately after the transaction. Based on the interaction, time until delivery, etc., the rating could be anything between 0-10.

If your rating is 9 or 10, congratulations, you are doing everything right. If it’s anything below that, you have cause for concern, even more, if it’s 6 or below. What could be the reason for the low rating? Is it the lateness or just one of many factors? You could ask them or survey them once you have the rating, but that’ll probably bear no results. You may have possibly lost them and the reasons with them.

What is NPS+?

Traditional Net Promoter Score (NPS) can let you know the percentage of promoters, passives, and detractors, but it goes much beyond that. Just knowing your score and finding comfort in the fact that you are close to the NPS industry benchmark isn’t enough. We will be introducing NPS+ soon, a feature exclusive to QuestionPro. Advanced NPS is primarily made of 3 aspects, NPS, root cause, and an open-end text question. Organizations will benefit tremendously from NPS+ because it helps you calculate your Net Promoter Score, identify the rationale behind the score, and seek additional customer feedback. Customer feedback lets you innovate and co-create with your customers. You can use their inputs to make your products and services better to improve customer experience. Engaging with your customers also helps understand if any new product or service ideas are resonating with them. You can use their feedback in the product development process to make it best-suited to meet the needs and requirements of customers. With the additional feedback that you’ll receive, you can better understand customer churn. Are you losing them to your competitors for better pricing, product, or is it something that you could have fixed or avoided? One bad experience at any touchpoint can affect customer satisfaction and loyalty. 

Brands looking to elevate their customer experiences should consider NPS+ and the benefits it brings. A lot more information on NPS+ is available on our website. You can view how the reports and dashboards would look like. If you would like to see it in action, you can request a demo or check our customer experience management platform. You can sign up for a free account in under a minute. Uncover reasons behind customer feedback and sentiments, make informed customer decisions with NPS+.

Traditional NPS vs. NPS+

Traditional Net Promoter Score (NPS) is used to measure customer loyalty by asking your customers if they would recommend your brand’s products or services to their loved ones and family. Based on their answers, they are categorized as either detractors (customer scored you 6 or below out of 10), passives (score of 7 or 8), or promoters (score of 9 or 10). This gave you an idea about the NPS score and where you stood with respect to the NPS industry benchmarks. While you got to know your brand’s score, the reasons behind the score were largely unknown.


With NPS+, you can calculate your NPS score, get to know from customers the reasons behind the score, and seek additional customer feedback. This helps improve your product, understand which customer touchpoints need attention, and innovate and co-create with your consumers. NPS+ lets the customers vote on other customers’ feedback, bringing to the fore critical issues that need immediate attention. To learn more about the uses and advantages of NPS+ or advanced net promoter score, view our latest article.

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