Customer satisfaction surveys during and after COVID-19

It’s been some time since the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, and individuals and organizations have adjusted to this new paradigm. A viable vaccine may sometimes, and we need to accept the fact that your business operations need to carry on. Brands need to serve thor customers and ensure their experience is as excellent as ever, and they are satisfied with your brand and its offerings.

With 2021 almost upon us, we thought of putting together this article on customer satisfaction surveys, both during COVID and after. We will still have lingering doubts even after a vaccine has been created and distributed. So here are some tips that you can use to continue running your consumer satisfaction questionnaires.

4 Key things to do to continue gathering customer satisfaction insights

1. Connect with your customers online

Interacting with customers has become extremely easy and crucial with the advent of social media channels such as Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Engage with them, inquire about their experiences, run contests, and offers to keep the conversation going. Solicit ideas from customers about improving your experience and supply chain and implement them. Customers are always happy to provide feedback as long as they listen to them and act on their feedback.

2. Better user-experience

Having an effective website or an app these days is table stakes. The user experience has to be smooth, and the navigation easy so that customers can find whatever they need within a few clicks. Messy and slow-loading websites are off-putting and may annoy visitors and potential customers. Avoid forcing users to fill in forms for anything they may wish to view or download and improve your checkout experience if you are an eCommerce platform.

3. Focus on customer service

Customer service is a key element to customer satisfaction. Customers that are happy with your brand and offerings can churn even with a single less than favorable experience. It is about closing customer inquiries timely and ensuring all essential information is available to all customers at all times. If you make changes to your systems and processes, track if it has impacted customer satisfaction. Conduct regular consumer satisfaction surveys to track levels and make changes accordingly.

4. Drive customer loyalty

Loyal customers repurchase from you and spread positive word of mouth. Find out what your consumers find valuable and build on that. Make use of early previews, loyalty programs to engage your customers. Share steps and initiatives you’ve taken to help curb the pandemic and how customers can benefit from them. Be and stay creative with your approach and keep the conversation going.

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