Employee Engagement Mobile App- Get Jiggy With It!

Employee Engagement Mobile App

Mobile workforce Applications (“apps”) are increasingly popular among organizations that are focused on heightening employee engagement, workforce communications, and productivity. Hopefully, you’re one of the organizations. And if not, we have some suggestions below for why you might want to be.  

Why I Need Mobile Technology in our Workplace?

Sure, Millennials expect it. They are truly the technology-driven generation and they want their information to be immediately accessible; they want to be able to communicate with fluidity. But the truth is: Everyone expects it.

This is no longer just about the millennials; your parents have smartphones too. We want more information and we want it now. We want to be able to communicate in real-time – when the spirit moves us. We want it to be quick, simple to navigate, easy to use.

We know that heightened transparency – the availability of credible, meaningful, and actionable information – in the workplace is one of the most powerful drivers to things like employee engagement, aligned cultures, brand promotion, intent to stay, and willingness to put forth a discretionary effort. Above all else, Mobile Technologies can help organizations heighten transparency. In fact, they can blow the roof off of transparency.

Where can I get Started?  

If you’re not careful, you run the risk of simply giving your people one more thing to do.  Apps can be clunky and hard to use, they can purport to solve problems that aren’t really there, or they can create problems you didn’t have before you launched them.

Start small. Start with something that allows, for example, you to push out small surveys (pulse surveys) from time to time. You can start with something that simply measures Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS).

Use it to disrupt. Your employees love innovation. They love things that make their lives easier. And they love things that fix their problems. As an example, organizations have been struggling with performance reviews for decades. Nay, forever. You all know the reasons we hate performance reviews. If you threw an App at that hate, we’re guessing it would get some notice. In fact, we just developed an app that does just that. Through it, anyone can give a performance review – from anywhere at any time – in fewer than 3 minutes. Seriously.

employee engagement app

The app allows you to collect employee feedback and also provides an overview of the total number of responses that have been collected. With the Pulse Review App you can customize and use:

  • Our tested and proven competency frameworks
  • Quick, simple, and colorful attributes to describe the performance
  • Drag and drop functionality
  • Instant dashboard reporting

Interested in Learning More About the QuestionPro Pulse Review App?

We are looking for organizations who are ready to take the plunge into mobile workforce technologies that disrupt, that are easy to use, and that create meaningful experiences for the workforce.  Just send an email to sales@questionpro.com with the subject, “Pulse Review,” to learn more.