Why employee feedback survey are important for growing your business

Why employee feedback survey are important for growing your business


Employee feedback surveys are a lot more than just tools to make employees feel important. QuestionPro Workforce gives you deep and hidden insights about your own work culture and how you can steer it to boost your business growth.

So the broader question is – How does employee engagement survey effect your business growth?

To understand this you must first understand something that has been repeatedly echoed by all leadership experts and coaches – Your customer’s happiness can never be more than your employee’s happiness.

To simplify this golden statement, your employee’s determination to help your customers will always be determined by how well the employees are engaged, how well they are inclusive of the company’s overall vision and mission and how well their job satisfaction has been taken care of. And this doesn’t just mean justice in terms of pay scale, several employees leave well-paying jobs in pursuit for open and transparent work cultures even for lesser pay. What this primarily means is letting employees know that you are an integral part of the organization and that their happiness is a concern for the company.

This creation of employee-management bond of trust and inter-dependence is what encourages the employee to given in their best naturally without perusal. When employees feel the company has their back, it then that they leave petty issues behind and focus on the common goals of the organization at large.

Yes course there are other ways to hit revenue targets through catalysed productivity through fear and intimidation. However, imagine the HR cost that a business will incur through sheer attrition. Call centres across the world today already suffer from this dilemma – they have to create active recruiting processes that run round the year because they cannot retain their best employees. Someone new is always needed to fill an ex-employee’s shoes and then follows the cumbersome and resource draining exercise of training them all over again.

The only way to end this loop and enter into a phase of employee-inclusive business growth by having a winning work culture is to invest in areas where it matters – getting real human workforce insights through employee engagement feedback surveys!