#FridayFive – Stories from around the web 4

Well Friday’s here again and it’s time once more for another edition of #FridayFive, where we strive to provide some great articles to help all you researchers, marketers and small business owners!


Why Email Remains at the Core of Small Business Marketing – Huffington Post
Co-founder and CEO of Magicdust, Ian Mills gives us some insight about the importance of email marketing for small businesses.


Small Business Mobile Marketing Tips – Business2Community
Are you a small business owner not taking advantage of mobile marketing? Steven Minks via Business2Community gives a few pointers for helping you along the way.


To Get to Know Your Customers, Spend a Day in Their Underwear – Communispace
Diane Hessan, President and CEO of Communispace, explains that getting your customers to open up about their secrets will help you to create the right kinds of products and services that truly meet their needs.


How to Get Employees to Share Ideas to Grow Your Business – Intuit Blog
Lee Polevoi via Intuit shares some ideas about getting your employees to share ideas in an effort to help grow your business.


Small Businesses Spend 20 Hours Per Week on Marketing – Small Business Trends
How many hours per week do you typically spend on marketing? Joshua Sophy via Small Business Trends examines a recent study which shows the average small business owner spending around 20 hours per week on marketing.