Greet your new users with a customized welcome email

Welcome emails get some of the highest engagement rates out of all the email communication with new users. They offer a great opportunity to make take the first step – use your software.

Welcome emails must be interesting enough for the new users so that they feel like using them. They must ignite curiosity to prompt them to see how the software works.

What’s new in QuestionPro surveys?

QuestionPro now allows you to send a welcome email to your team members while you add them to our survey software. With this, you get a chance to engage new users with QuestionPro and convince them to take the action.

Welcomes emails have higher open and read rates, and so it makes the best way to onboard your new team members. Some of the things you can include in a custom welcome email are:

  • The basic steps to use the software
  • Link to online questionnaires, FAQs or video tutorials
  • Contact information of admin or a team alias
  • Login details

How to set up a welcome email for your organization?

  • Log in Surveys. Go to Organization.

  • Under Settings, you will find a toggle to enable Welcome Email.

  • Edit the content as you like and click on Save.

 How to personalize the welcome email in a survey software?

  • Edit the subject line
  • Use the replacement variables in the welcome message to fetch the user’s details and insert them in the email. Following are the available replacement variables:
    1. First Name
    2. Last Name
    3. Email Address
    4. Login link
  • Format the welcome email as required.

Use welcome email to greet new users and tell them what to do next. Add your team members to your organization in QuestionPro surveys and conduct your market research collaboratively.

If you need any help with the surveys and market research, get in touch with our customer support team. They’ll help you with the best tips & tricks.