How online micro survey software are creating a major impact in market research

How online micro surveys are creating a major impact in market research

More quality in less time – That is the most important rule that businesses take note of while reaching out to their consumers, invariant of what the final goal might be. We live in a world where speed, time and quality are valued above all. Consumers already expect that businesses that reach out to them to respect their fast paced lives. This trend is already evident in the way businesses engage with millennials – short 10 second YouTube ads, one liner print ads, short newsletters and even shorter tweets.

For a long time, businesses have grappled with best practices while reach out to consumers and customers for market research surveys and feedback respectively. They know it is necessary, they know they need it but still struggled to find the best ways to get the most accurate and complete responses.

In fact, it is a well-established fact in the market research industry that long surveys are much more likely to get abandoned midway by a respondent and requires several follow ups to get them completed, if at all.

A micro solution to macro problems

Micro-surveys are a natural solution to these impending problems. Not only do they allow rather busy respondents to finish a quick survey in 2 minutes or less, businesses have repeatedly witnessed better quality in the data captured.

“It is all about the general mindset” – says Harshad Deshpande, the Marketing and Sales Head of QuestionPro India. He explains that respondents are much more likely to give an honest and thoughtful response to a survey that they know won’t take up much of their time. Another reason he explained is that people are not exhausted as the survey goes on which is often in the case of long surveys conducted by some well-known companies and they all have faced the same issues with quality, even if they do manage to get the surveys completed.

Harshad’s explanation is also backed by studies that show that the quality of survey data decreases significantly after a threshold point when the respondent begins to get frustrated with too many questions. At this point they just want to get it over with, without caring much about the accuracy of their response.

Micro-survey analytics – Smaller but more powerful

The success of macro-surveys are also attributed to another critical factor – data analytics. Not only are online micro-surveys easier to create, send and collect; they are much easier to analyse.

While platforms like QuestionPro offer in-built analytics no matter how long the survey is, yet for the viewer it makes a big difference. Data analytics visualizations are much more complex to view and understand when there are too many questions compared to micro-surveys. Not only do individual questions get cleaner, more comprehensive analytical visuals, it also make it easier to do comparative analysis as well.

So go on – Create your own micro-survey using QuestionPro and see the difference for yourself!