How QuestionPro’s free academic survey software is promoting safe and data-driven decision making in India



Remember the 2008 economic crash in the US? Guess what started it – Speculative decision making by major companies across the spectrum. And we at QuestionPro are determined to not let that mistake be repeated in the World’s fastest growing major economy – India, where every year nearly 10 million students graduate from colleges.

In a globalized world that we do business today, research driven innovation and business plans are the corner stone of a successful economy. Research based decision making is a habit, and that needs to start from the very base where young minds bloom – our universities and colleges.

The All India Academic Sponsorship Program

With this aim, about a year ago we at QuestionPro introduced something that had never been done before – We gave our premium “corporate survey software accounts” for free to students across more than 400 universities and colleges across India. This also includes IIMs, IITs, NITs and an array of other top notch schools and the list will only continue to grow.

The idea was to allow these students to innovate products and ground-breaking business models based on concrete market data and statistics.

Prior to this, most students had to use freely available basic survey software like Google Forms. While these products are free, their eco-system is highly restricted, are difficult for beginners to use without any experience in survey designs, provide little or no analytical insights into how people are filling their surveys and lack concrete customer support systems.

Free cutting edge technology for a better future

On the other hand, with QuestionPro’s premium corporate survey accounts, students are now able to select from a wide range of ready-made survey templates and over 50 advanced question-types. They can also create their own guided survey designs from scratch with highly customizable fonts, colours, backgrounds, media and several other ‘drag and drop’ features. This allows them to prepare and get their personalized surveys ready for shoot-out in a matter of minutes! Moreover, with our premium accounts, these students will be able to access our sophisticated, yet easy to use features such as advanced analytics, mobile app, offline data capture, multi-user collaboration, add more than 500,000 email lists, live customer support and a lot more!

Beyond Make in India – Innovate in India

We are already proud to see that our efforts have encouraged over 2 lac students to actively use our platform for conducting research on market disrupting and innovative products and business ideas. We at QuestionPro too have been deeply active in the “Make In India” campaign. However, we also have a vision that we particularly want to promote – “Innovate In India”. And smart, sellable and real solution oriented innovation starts with real market data and insights.